18 Tiny Deaths

The incredible true story of the Gilded Age heiress who revolutionized forensic death investigation. Available for pre-order.

“A culmination of years of historical research using primary sources, including the papers of Frances Glessner Lee herself. It is the story of how one stubborn, intelligent, creative, and self-taught woman could immerse herself in a passion that had immense repercussions in the fields of both medicine and the law… As this absorbing and evocative book will show you, Frances Glessner Lee should be recognized as the matriarch of the modern practice of forensic pathology.” – Judy Melinek, M.D., co-author of Working Stiff

“Frances Glessner Lee’s dioramas of death have long been objects of fascination; now Bruce Goldfarb, the man who knows them best, has written a definitive account of how they came to be, and of the compelling, complex woman who created them. This book will beguile anyone with an interest in forensic science or the history of crime investigation.” – Rachel Monroe, author of Savage Appetites: Four True Stories of Women, Crime, and Obsession

“Eye-opening biography of Frances Glessner Lee, who brought American medical forensics into the scientific age…genuinely compelling.” – Kirkus Reviews

“…a captivating portrait of a feminist hero and forensic pioneer. A stand-out addition to any library’s true-crime collection.” – Booklist

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February 4, 2020
US and Canada

April 2, 2020