2008 is Enough

OJ’s in the cooler, Bigfoot’s on ice
Bush will be gone soon, and that is nice
A moment to pause and reflect on the year
And remember things like “I’ll veto every single beer”
Somali pirates Caribou Barbie Joe the Plumber Lehman Brothers
Each day the news got worse than the others
Sichuan car czar snowstorm on Mars
Bailout staycation I have the scars
Mumbai Gaza South Ossetia
Madoff Spitzer Ledger you betcha
Favre Caylee Usain Blago
That one. He’s an Arab. Where does he go?
A twittering shoe-tossing team of mavericks
Michael Phelps palling with terrorists
Troopergate fist-jab I have one too.
So what? It’s a do-over I can’t do.
Paul (Newman) is dead, but Castro still isn’t
Stevens’ series of tubes leads to prison
Gas cost an arm and a leg to acquire
A nation of whiners under sniper fire
The year that just was wasn’t so great
(Unless you’re Obama, with cause to celebrate)
Wall Street got drunk and we’re in the tanks
Want more of the same? Thanks but no thanks.


See also: To Oh-Oh-Seven, Cone of Uncertainty


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