Modesty Aside

For the past three years I’ve been working on a monthly newspaper published by the American Diabetes Association, DOC News. I was brought on as managing editor to help launch DOC News.

The ADA does a good job reaching its membership, mainly endocrinologists and diabetes professionals. But as cardiovascular risk — type 2 diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease – becomes more prevalent, it is increasingly important for primary care to step up and help prevent health problems before people have full-blown diabetes and need to see an endocrinologist.

So DOC News is the ADA’s initiative to reach out to primary care. The aim is to cover diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease – the DOC of the title. The Magazine Group designed the paper from the ground up. We created a unique publication; a monthly tabloid with peer-reviewed, footnoted clinical news. We also have interesting departments, including an Ask the Expert column and doc-on-the-street interviews. That’s a tall order.

A while ago, DOC News received the Bronze Award for newswriting from the Society of National Association Publications. I like to think my participation, along with a team of very talented professionals, contributed to the excellence of DOC News.

I’m also involved in editing HemAware, the bimonthly membership magazine of the National Hemophilia Foundation. Last year, I wrote an enterprise story about how people with bleeding disorders can prepare for a visit to the emergency department. It was a natural for me, considering my background as an EMT and paramedic. Emergency visits can be particularly stressful, since doctors and nurses usually know little about bleeding disorders. Families often have the burden of bringing health professionals up to speed on hemophilia and its treatment.

In any event, in May ’07 this piece received the Silver Award for a how-to article from the American Society of Healthcare Publication Editors.

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