Cover of OCME by Bruce Goldfarb

A behind-the-scenes portrait of one of the largest and busiest forensic medical centers in the U.S. Once celebrated as the gold standard of death investigation, the OCME of Maryland was hammered between an epidemic of violence and opioid deaths and strangling budgetary restraints imposed by indifferent state officials, ultimately plunging the institution into crisis.

Readers will meet the dedicated professionals who work against increasingly daunting odds, and learn what working at a medical examiner office is really like.

OCME details the precarious state of forensic death investigation, which in many parts of the country is failing to provide essential public health services to the public.

OCME will be released by Steerforth Press on February 21, 2023.

Rep: Tamar Rydzinski, Context Literary Agency

Publicist: Anthony LaSasso, Steeerforth Press